Together We Will

Negotiating the often complex and time-consuming formalities involved in distributing a person’s estate after death can seem a daunting prospect. As executor, you have the legal right and responsibility of dealing with all matters relating to the settling of finances and distribution of possessions.

You may find that your duties are not as straightforward as they seem.  Perhaps no Will has been left or money has been placed in Trusts; the deceased may have owned property or a business abroad or maybe the estate’s assets are insufficient to settle its debts. Whatever your situation, our extensive experience working with complex tax and trust planning matters, means you will be in safe hands.


We understand this is likely to be a busy and emotional time for you, so let us share the responsibility.  You can be assured that, no matter how complicated the estate for which you are executor or administrator, you will be guided, simply and clearly and at your own pace, every step of the way.

Please call us to discuss your requirements – or if you would prefer, we can come and visit you.  Just let us know how we can help.

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Whatever your needs, we do our utmost to help you achieve security and peace of mind.  Get in touch and let us know how we can help – you will be guaranteed a friendly and sympathetic welcome.