Powers of Attorney

Future-proofing Matters

Contemplating the possibility of becoming reliant on others as a result of mental or physical incapacity is probably not something you wish to dwell on.  But the longer we live the more likely we are to lose the ability to manage our own affairs.  Making sure you plan ahead while you are able is key to peace of mind.

By putting in place Lasting Powers of Attorney, now, you will retain control over your affairs for the future.  LPAs allow you to nominate one or more people to make decisions on your behalf regarding your assets and finances, as well as your living arrangements and medical care.

Powers of Attorney

Why not discuss your needs with us and safeguard the choices that affect you and your affairs?  As a Solicitor for the Elderly specialising in legal advice for elderly and vulnerable clients, as well as in matters relating to Powers of Attorney, we are ideally placed to advise you on how best to future-proof your welfare.

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