Executors and Trustees

Safeguarding the Future.

As an Executor, you will be responsible for winding up an estate, settling its debts and distributing bequests to beneficiaries in accordance with the law.  As a Trustee, you are responsible for the bequests held in trust under a Will, such as those made to young children until they come of age.  It is your responsibility to manage the bequest and use it only in the best interests of the beneficiaries, while adhering to the Trust rules.


Executors and Trustees

These roles can often be onerous and time-consuming.  Occasionally problems will occur.  Inexpertly drafted Wills and Trusts can give rise to ambiguity or invalidity; difficulties may also emerge between Executors, Trustees and beneficiaries over the handling of administrative duties.

If you have been appointed an Executor or Trustee, we can help advise you of your duties and responsibilities and guide you through the processes involved in the role.  Equally, should problems arise, we will help you resolve your issues speedily and sensitively.  As a member of the Association of Contentious Trust and Estate Practitioners, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience in dealing with contentious estate matters.

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