Business Owners


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At whatever stage of business ownership – launching, growing or selling – and whatever the position you hold – partner, director, shareholder – why not take full advantage of

our extensive range of corporate legal services tailored to your personal and business needs?


Business Owners

As well as our professionalism and expertise for which we are renowned, at Christopher Lawn we will help you choose the correct structure for your business and advise you on the appropriate formation of your company as sole trader, limited company or business partnership, according to the size and type of business.  Similarly, we will explain your responsibilities in running your business as well as the tax and debt liabilities to which you and your company will be subject.   And when you are ready to retire or move on, we can also guide you through exit strategies and succession planning.

It makes good business sense, too, to plan early for the continued running of the business and care of your employees, should you become incapacitated for whatever reason.   A Business or Commercial Lasting Power of Attorney allows you to appoint attorneys who can make business decisions on your behalf, safeguard the interests of the workforce and ensure the continued smooth-running of the company.

We have a wealth of experience in commercial law including Insurance-backed Cross-option Agreements, Share Splitting in estate planning, Business and Agricultural Property Relief for Inheritance Tax mitigation as well as dispute resolution.  So contact us for further information about all legal aspects of running your business; we will be happy to help.

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